I have done the planning for next year’s starting XI for EPL FF (http://fantasy.premierleague.com). As you can understand, I have become an addict.


Am putting along the prospective prices for each of them alongwith, in brackets. It does add up to ~100 overall.


As follows:

GK Howard        EV 5

GK Al-Habsi       BW 4


DF Evra                MU 6.5

DF Carvalho       CH 6 (if he stays, else Alex)

DF Neville           EV 5

DF Hutton           TH 5

DF Bouma           AV 4.5


MF Ronaldo       MU 13

MF Fabregas     AR 10.5

MF C.Kickaball  XX 6  **

MF Cheapo        4

MF Cheapo        4


FW Defoe           PO 9

FW Santa Cruz  BW 9

FW Alves             MI 8


Don’t just pass the advice by. I am, really, quite okay at the game. 


** C.Kickaball : Carlos Kickaball, a term commonly used in FISO to refer to an unknown Johnny Foreigner to the EPL.


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