Justine Henin

There’s been too much work, and I was not quite in touch….

Justine Henin has retired….

Sad, really. Not a very big fan of Henin the person, she came across as a sore loser (and well, I have always had a bit of a crush for Clijsters..), but have always been a big admirer of Henin the player….. The unique ability of playing cat-and-mouse with the Venuses and Serenas and Sharapovas….. The surprising power she could get on her shots notwithstanding the lack of size…. and of course, she was tough, real tough mentally.

Women last longer in the game than men, and I suspected her to last till her early 30’s, and have a record to match the all time greats.

Well, that was not to be, but then, in the minds of most people (including me), she has done enough to be ranked among the top very-few, all-time.


One thought on “Justine Henin

  1. It’s Sad… a world of women players like the Williams and Sharapova, womens tennis was finding women who were more like men (Sharapova my apologies sweetheart… you are gorgeous) what i mean is tall and strong women.

    Henin was soooo different, she was a real champion in spirit and as far as i am concerned will be sorely missed

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