Nerds of the world unite!

I like Novak Djokovic.

Federer is impregnable. He is as difficult to like, and as easy to admire as Tiger, or Jordan, or, say, a Sachin. Rafa is far easier to like, but he is just too tough, just too streetsmart, and just too much of a ‘stud’ for us average joe tennis-fans.

Novak tried hard. Novak is talented, but not in a Federer way, in a nice, Sampras way. Novak pokes fun of others (in a very harmless way) by imitating them (did you see the Sharapovak? Or the Nadalovic? Superb!). Novak is nice and kinda cool in interviews. And also, Novak is skinny, has spiky hair, and is very, very geeky!


Novak tries so hard to be liked, it hurts….


Nerds of the world unite!


2 thoughts on “Nerds of the world unite!

  1. I agree that Novak is more likeable than Federer who you can never like but only admire as aptly put. I also think its because federer is a understated player in his style, he does not give u the thrills and is like a cold blooded assasin.

    With Novak i like the fact that he has fun on the court, but, his behaviour in the Aussie finals was not exactly something i admire or like. When Fans of Tsonga were rallying behind him, Novak took offense and he started lashing out at the crowd. He needs to grow up. On the other hand i like the way Tsonga played during the entire tournament, if he manages to survive and play the way that he did, he will have one other guy rooting for him for sure – ME.

  2. I will agree to most of it. But also would point to what Novak said to the crowd at the end of the tourney….
    As I mention, he tries so hard to be liked!

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