Comments on a few teams…

And no I am not seeing every match, this is California, and football time clashes directly with office time…

But am seeing all the highlights… and here I go….

Germany – is still my bet for the championship. They needed a kick up their backsides, and they got it. Metzelder will only get better, Mertesacker is okay really, and Lehmann will not make any more mistakes. The rest of their team is very good.

Italy – Bad luck. Italy out.

Romania – Will probably qualify. Or maybe they won’t. Adrian Mutu is on his way to becoming a great player, but this penalty miss will haunt him. They have a really good defence line, really.

Netherlands – Will not win. And yes, they should. But they wouldn’t. Their defence line has hardly been tested. Malouda does not count. And tiny Sneijder is a star! Van Persie will play a part, and VDV will not.

Spain – And yes, Spain won’t win either. Xavi will perform brilliantly, note my words. Puyol and Marchena can only get better…

Austria – It’s great to watch Austria. They give it their all. No ability, sadly.


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