BCCI, and a Kapil-less memory…

Do read this article (click here). An excerpt….

The BCCI did its best not to commemorate the silver jubilee of the World Cup victory because the drama of such a commemoration would have been hard to carry off without giving the winning team’s skipper a speaking role. Finally, when Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev both made it clear that the celebrations would go on with or without the Indian cricket establishment, the board was shamed into agreeing to participate, since it didn’t want to come across as a bunch of vindictive little men.

The most revealing aspect of the BCCI’s vendetta against the ICL’s recruits was its decision to cut off the pensions awarded to ex-cricketers for their services to first-class and international cricket. Kapil Dev can probably afford to do without an annuity, but that isn’t the point. If these pensions were granted in recognition of past service, to cut them off on account of contemporary quarrels is a monstrous thing to do. The revocation of the pension is both material punishment and metaphorical erasure: it’s like saying, “We, the board, have decided that your career, your service to cricket, your achievements, count for nothing in themselves unless they’re recognised by Us, because it is Our recognition that legitimises your past and your present, that makes it visible.”

Need to write about it. Need to speak about it. We all need to speak, need to write about it. This is just not done….


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