Westwood has missed his shot, and Rocco Mediate has already played the few rounds of his life, and has all the chances to be the upset story in sport, for the year …. It’s only he that stands between Rocco and the US Open…

The last hole, potentially, of the tournament. an 8-footer.

All eyes are on him, the maestro….

The maestro waits. And waits some more.

He practices his putt a few times.

Okay, all ready.

He plays his putt.


There’s a moment where perfect theory meets perfect execution. And it was then.

I saw perfection.

No, you cannot go on, and be a Tiger. He is one for the generations. And be happy that it is our generation that got to see him play.

We are blessed.

(p.s. And he goes on to win it all the next day. If Nicklaus was better than Tiger, he must have been pretty exceptional. I’m sure he was phenomenal, but I’m sure too that he wasn’t as good. As good as Tiger? Nope. That’s impossible.)


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