History revisited?

History, as we all know, has an uncanny knack of repeating itself.

And so it might with Michael Ballack.

Remember World Cup 2002? The similarities are many. Ballack was at the center of the story then too. Germany, defeated sometimes, humiliated more often, just about hung around to reach the finals. And well, there was Turkey in the semis. There was another Guus Hiddink team, unfancied to say the least, in the semi-finals. And the Ballack and Neverkusen incident has been oft-repeated, not least in this blog. Chelsea lost the Premiership. Chelsea lost the Champion’s league. And the Mickey Mouse cup. and now Ballack has dragged his team to the finals. Again.

As i told you, history has this uncanny knack of repeating itself.

Thankfully, it is in Ballack’s hands to change the ending this time. He, unlike in 2002, will play the finals.

If for nothing else, for Michael Ballack to not be the just-about man forever, I hope Germany wins the final. It will be apt.

(p.s. Spain has been fascinating. Russia even more so. I will be glad if either of them win. But there will be one deep breath for the poor Ballack then)

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