It’s what you do to me…

What is a gawky any-other-average-guy comes up to a girl and says he wants a date and gets refused? And then promises that he will write the best song ever for her, and then when the grammies come in, will she be his date?

You have heard the song ‘Hey there Delilah’, haven’t you? That’s what resulted, in this case.

The song happened, not the best ever, but a very nice one no doubts.

The grammies happened too. The grammy date as well (click here).

It’s surprising, in the modern cynical world, to see people with their hears screwed up right. (Click here for DiCrescenzo’s interview)

A bunch of good people. Tom Higgenson, Delilah DiCrescenzo and her boyfriend.

And here’s wishing Delilah the best for her trials for the 3000m steeplechase for US Track and Field trials for the Beijing Olympics. (Click here to keep updated on that)

And yeah, yeah, this is no sports post, but well, this is a blog post alright, and one needs to write, what say?


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