Transfers – Best bidders vs. being loyal

I am happy that I follow A Cultured Left Foot (click here for link). Less jingoism, less chest-thumping than most others, and solid analysis. Best Arsenal blog of all, IMHO.

Check here what they write about Adebayor’s transfer saga (click here for link to article)…

A final observation. Consider the fact that football is his career, his job. In principle, what is the fundamental difference between a brickie and footballer? Leave aside the salaries and there is none. Both are services that people pay for. You pay for a house, you pay for a footballer. We expect loyalty on what basis? The club that we love? Forget that; the club we love is their employer. The loyalty we crave is born from a bygone era when players had summer jobs because their salaries dropped in the close season.

Or this…

There is also the question of loyalty. Two decades ago, there was a common trait of loyalty to your employer, something that the Premier League’s evolution has diminshed. Whilst winning trophies is important, money is not far behind. No longer is a testimonial considered necessary for the top echelon of players for moneys earned from one match are incrementally smaller to their overall wealth than in previous years. It is not the English players who are responsible for this change in loyalty either. Plenty of English players have moved or are requesting moves to pastures new within relatively short spells at clubs. Some might have come through the ranks but that makes little or no difference any longer.

And I agree. while we fans can feel aggrieved, to the footballers, it is really about their careers. And it’s a job that they are doing.

And well, two questions:

1. You are having a $100,000 job. Another company offers you a $200,000 job, with the job profile and perks being more or less the same. Will you take it or not?

2. A common man’s professional career lasts for 30 years and more. A top flight footballer’s, much less so. And do take into account, one major injury can put paid to all of that in an instant.

And then in football forums, there are guys who scream and shout comparing their salaries with the top-flight athletes. They should get real. Most of us are in jobs for which there are i) replacements (easy replacements, if you consider regular jobs) ii) little career risks involved. And there are maybe 10 people in the world who can play approximately as well as Adebayor as a typical big-man center forward? Now I am doing reasonably well in my professional career, but aren’t there around fifty in the radius of ten miles around where I am right now, who can do the work I do, appproximately as well as I do? An organization has to pay big money for premium services.

And as they say, you always get the money you deserve.

And as for loyalty, here’s a statement. Will I ever be loyal to a company which I haven’t started myself? And here’s the answer. i wouldn’t. I am and will continue to be diligent, I will continue to work hard and use my abilities and smarts to perform at the best of my abilities at my workplace. Because obviously they are paying me for my daily bread and material comforts, and paying me well. But will I be loyal such that a much better offer comes along, and it makes professional sense to leave, I will still stick along? I wouldn’t. And it isn’t about loyalty, it’s about common sense.


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