Golf. Cricket.

In Golf – the size of the course (thereby the distance from the tee to the hole) has increased by about 20 to 30% from the early 1900s. That is logical. The players have become more brawny, the golf clubs have become more sophisticated, the balls have got more carry…. logical.
Now here’s what isn’t logical. 
Similar developments have happened in cricket too. The players have become more brawny, and the bats have become way more sophisticated.
And yet, the cricket grounds have actually reduced in size from the early 1900s.

And yet, we complain about weird stuff like the game becoming a batsman’s game, and that quality spinners are a dying breed, and what we have left are dart throwers like Bhajji and Afridi!

Isn’t it an obvious development?


3 thoughts on “Golf. Cricket.

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  2. you are right in saying cricket is moving towards batsman’s side. Well, authorities are of opinion that the crowd comes into the stadium to see big hits. So they are doing everything to promote that big hits keep happening ball after ball. That is all right but killing bowlers for the benefit of batsmen is what draining the show. Just hope authorities do something to revamp the bowlers pshych, maybe they need to legalise beamers.

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