Ajantha Mendis, Murali, and Bhajji

As of now, Bhajji is right on the money (click here for article)…

“You cannot compare Murali and Mendis. Murali has been doing it for years, while Mendis has just started.”

The good thing about Mendis is that he is accurate, and that fact is way more important than the magic-deliveries shenanigans we are getting to hear from the media. And yes, his variations will soon be found out and with patience, batsmen will be able to play him much better than they are managing as of now.

(Theory: In tennis, nobody armed with only a big serve has ever been a great.

Reason: Other players get used to the big serve quicker than one can imagine, and in that changed level-playing-ground, other skills are put to test.

Proof: Sample these three names – Greg Rusedski, Goran Ivanisevic, Pete Sampras. 

Link to current topic: Replace tennis with cricket and ‘a big serve’ with ‘a few mystery deliveries’)

And it is generally after he is found out that the real test of the spinner emerges. Will he be fine after being hit for a few sixes? Will he be fine after three tests against India, with 2 for 156 his best analysis in the three?

Well, accuracy is the first step. Mental strength is the next, much bigger one. Let’s see if Mendis has that magic in his armory too…

And sure, let’s keep this guy on our watch list for the while. Fantastic talent, no doubts.


2 thoughts on “Ajantha Mendis, Murali, and Bhajji

  1. Hey Neno, welcome to the blog!

    And in which context did I forget Anil Kumble? I cannot, he is one of my favourite cricketers of all time, and surely the favourite from India! That’s also got a little something to do with the fact that he is a senior alumni from college as well 🙂

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