Ankur Poseria

let’s get realistic, is no Sangita Rani Puri yet (who was, if anyone remembers, loaded with talent and if she would have fulfilled her potential, would have been a real Olympics medal prospect. Alas she didn’t).

‘Ankur sets a realistic target’, is what the TOI says (click here for article), and that’s about right. Semi-finals will be about par for course, and yes, there will be expectations in him, for the next Asiad in two years’ time.


Clocked 57.14 in 100m butterfly in Doha Asian Games
Clocked 24.70 in 50m freestyle in Doha Asian Games
Qualified for Beijing with timings of 53.68 (100m butterfly) and 22.99 (50m freestyle)

And while 53.68s is good indeed …. The world record in the 100m Butterfly is 50.40s by Ian Crocker (click here for article)

Though, in two years’ time in Guangzhou, an Asiad medal should not be too high an expectation from Mr. Poseria, no?


2 thoughts on “Ankur Poseria

  1. Hey, thank you for believing in me. I’m still working towards a medal in two years. Beijing was one big learning experience which has contributed a lot to my development.

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