The Un-Brazilian Brazilian

In one sentence – Gilberto, prosaic, did his job very well indeed.

There’s a nice tribute to him on the Arsenal website, do have a look (click here).


The Brazilian never courted controversy and never spoke out of turn. He arrived quietly, he left quietly and, in between, he was quietly efficient. While emptier vessels made more noise, Gilberto just got the job done.

He will be missed. Thanks, and cheers!


One thought on “The Un-Brazilian Brazilian

  1. He will be sorely missed. Amidst all the hoo-haa over Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and whoever, his passage from Arsenal to Panathinaikos will be the most underwritten. There was a time when everyone was surprised that the upstart Gallas was given the captaincy over Gilberto but Gilberto, much to his credit, said something like “The manager probably wants me to prove that I am equally worthwhile and prove, I will!”.

    Farewell, G!

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