Norman at the Open

maybe it is all about Chris Evert…. Remember, Chris Evert never ever choked a match…

Maybe the Great White Shark will be able to keep it all, this time….

Chances for both Padraig and Choi too…

And do take note, Anthony Kim is at T5, three strokes behind. Chinese-American, confident, has a big game, can be one for the ages. Well, yes, it is indeed too early to say, but do still remember the name.


2 thoughts on “Norman at the Open

  1. I watched Greg Norman today, and all that praise of Chris Evert bringing out a new zest in him made me sick! She’s an adultress and he’s just as bad, glad he choked.

  2. C’mon now, you are being harsh… Nearly winning at 53 is an achievement. And yes, playing up the Chris Evert angle is just a bit of sensationalism… especially considering how different their history as players were / are.

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