Sanjay Manjrekar was pragmatic once…

but has, these days, taken up the role of being the rebel-without-a-cause among the media. In the belief that he is pulling down sacred cows, in reality, all that he is managing is mistaking an aberration for a trend. And therefore sensationalizing non-issues (or rather, as-of-yet non-issues). And thereby, making a fool of himself. Remember the ‘Sachin should be dropped‘ gaffe? Well, here’s another. Just on dint of today’s (and yesterday’s) performance, he proclaims that Indian batsmen are no more the masters of spin…. (click here for more)

After 2002-03 our batsmen haven’t shown much improvement against the spinners as they have against the faster men. So this is a changing trend in Indian batting where we cannot confidently assert that we are the best players of spin. We used to be, but now good spinners are starting to bother the Indian batsmen.

Ahem, improvement? we have had the same four players in the middle order, and their averages against pacers, nor spinners have changed much in recent times. Have they? Statistics, please…. Sehwag, if he gets to the spinners, will generally rip them apart. His problems have been short, into-the-body stuff. So is it that Manjrekar makes all his assumptions from just observing Gautam Gambhir getting dismissed twice (and being one of the top scorers in both cases) to the Sri Lankan spinners? And that too, just in one match? When did we have the great opening batsman against spinners? The last one I remember retired in 1987… The ones in the interim did not quite survive on the crease long enough get to spinners anyway 🙂

Murali is brilliant and a one-off; a mystery-spinner tends to trouble batsmen for a while before he is found out…. Let’s not be too early in denouncing what has been the greatest middle order Indian cricket has ever had. And believe me, this is a regular cricket-gods basher writing.

Sanjay Manjrekar, you really are blabbering, sir.


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