The greatest Test innings by an Indian…

happened a few days ago, when Sehwag scored his double hundred against Sri Lanka.

Have I got your attention yet?

And did you scream Sachin? And did you scream Rahul? Or Sunny, did you say, old-timer?

And then you shook your head and said Laxman’s 281 of course.

And yes, Laxman’s 281 was special. Was very, very special. And I am proud to have seen it.

But this was better.

Let’s try the checkboxes, shall we?

Won India the match? Check.

Was a big, big hundred? Check.

Were the opposition of a high quality? Check.

Was the highest score, by a long shot, of the two sides? Check.

Was strokeful and a joy to watch? Check.

Was he the only real batting success in the match? Check.

Okay, yes, greatest ever by an Indian.


One thought on “The greatest Test innings by an Indian…

  1. You could maybe add a few more checkboxes:

    Played the ball on the merit and not on bowlers’ reputation? Check

    Showed how its done to a clearly out-of-sorts middle order? Check

    Ably supported the bowlers with a defendable target in the 4th innings? Check (mind you, this is a rarity from Indian test teams abroad)

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