The first step?

India plays Tajikistan in the finals of the AFC Challenge Cup, today in Delhi. (click here for article)

A win on Wednesday will arouse hopes of beginning of a turnaround and awakening of a “sleeping giant” after years of slumber and will go into record books of Indian football which does not have much to write about in terms of recent achievement.

Did we hear someone say that the wheels started turning when we appointed Bob Houghton as the manager of the national team?

There was Ciric Milovan in the early eighties, and Rustom Akramov in the early-mid nineties. And these were quality coaches too, like Houghton. It didn’t work then, remember.

What about now? It probably has got something to do with the increased ambition level of the players, the belated fruits of the professsionalism of the Indian Football League, and indeed, a good manager in Houghton.

Or maybe it is just another false dawn…

Anyway, the match starts at 1900hrs IST. You can follow it live on (click here)

(Edit: India won 4-1. Sunil Chhetri scored a hat-trick. Do check the ‘On the net’ page)

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