Fat Ronaldo to Citeh?

Will Man City have one of the best wing combinations in the league this year in Petrov and SWP?
One of the best, yes.
And waste it by signing a slow and past-it Ronaldo?
Oft – injured, yes. Slow? Past it? Neither’s true. The guy has been (at par with Zidane) the best footballer in the post-Maradona era. And can still score goals for fun. If Citeh manages to get 20 matches out of him in the league, they will get 15 goals, if not more. Whenever he had played for Milan in the last two years (which is not much) he has put them in the back of the net often. And this is in Serie A, a more defensive league. 
Citeh fans should be jubilant if Fat Ronaldo comes in.

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