Carlos Tevez

And where will Tevez fit in, in the ManU line up?

Left wing? That will be a criminal misuse of his sublime talents.

Support striker? He is a better player than Rooney (unless you are watching football with England-tinted glasses), but he will not be played above Rooney.

Right wing? No.

The Ole Gunner Solskjaer role? Yes, unfortunately.

And Tevez is a far, far better player than Solskjaer had ever been. Therefore, it is a massive wastage of talent. Tevez is a potential superstar of world football, and will be wasted by the ManU firmament. And that is unfortunate.


One thought on “Carlos Tevez

  1. Now, now … 😉 I can assure you that Carlitos is highly valued at United, most fans are now beginning to see past the nationalist media sentiment and realise that the Argentinian is just as good, if not better than Rooney.

    I agree with you, I’ve always rated Tevez higher than Rooney. First saw Tevez 6 or 7 years ago playing for Boca. It was obvious straight away that he was special. 18 years old, unbelieveable strength, balance and the ball just stuck to his feet much like Messi and Aguero.

    Rotation is the name of the game for United. Teddy,Ole, Yorke and Cole all got plenty of games during the 99 season. Fergie just has to do his job properly.

    And it’s unfair to claim Tevez a far better player than Ole, as theyre both completely different players.

    Undoubtedly, Tevez was more skillful but Ole was/is United through and through and was a real team player. Many of today’s ‘ stars ‘ could learn a thing or two from Solskjaer, one of the few players who commands respect from all teams. He was a fantastic finisher, left foot right foot, great technique, the kind youre born with. Scored many crucial goals for the club, was the ultimate supersub and was a model professional.

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