Diego Biseswar

Plays for Feyenoord in the Eredivisie. (click here)

Is 20, is good, played and provided an assist last weekend, is of Indian origin. (click here)

Next came two splendid goals and a lovely assist to Michael Mols by Diego Biseswar, who had come on as a substitute for the injured Andwélé Slory, which took the pressure off the still depleted Rotterdam side by securing a 5-0 victory. Biseswar, 20, and Georginio Wijnaldum, 17, gave fans a glimpse of a potentially very bright future for Feyenoord. In the shorter term the Rotterdammers should have a fearsome side once their final eight injured and suspended players rejoin the squad.

And there are few chances that he will ever make the Dutch first XI.

So why can’t we offer him regular national team football, and ask him to play for India?


5 thoughts on “Diego Biseswar

  1. Biseswar looks a very good player. I admit, I’ve only seen a few glimpses of him but there is no denying the quality he has, and only 20.

    He looks to have a bright future, I imagine a few English PL clubs will be looking at him. I think he had a trial recently with Sheffield United in the English Championship, they’ll rue not giving this kid a contract.

  2. Harry, good to see you here…

    But that’s what many a country has done, to get the shot in the arm. I think it is fair game to try luring him with the choice of National team football… he isn’t good enough to play for the Dutch IMHO, with Royston Drenthe and co knocking on the Robben door… And well, he will be good for India, no? And we should naturalize a few of the Nigerians and Brazilians playing in the I-League….

  3. True. It CAN be a shot in the arm for Indian football, but from precedent, the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the whole infrastructure glorifying him, and then reinforcing our collective belief that you need to be “foreign” to do well.

    It will be a shot in the arm if, like Eduardo, Diego’s brought in to bolster a solid team and provide a spark. We’re kidding ourselves if we claim to be in that position right now.

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