Save Newcastle United

Now I am nlsonot a Newcastle supporter by a long shot. My primary interest in them is whether they get the loss they should get against Arsenal, and whether they are able to get a draw or something against the others of the big 4.

But we all know the recent Mike Ashley saga, don’t we? King Kev thrown out… Ashley wining and dining the Arabs, and asking for GBP 400 M… Now really, GBP 400 M!!! And now a Nigerian consortium is trying to buy Ashley out …

And here comes Save Newcastle United. Remember, last season, there were similar talks about Liverpool being bought over by the fans…. but that came to nought. This, I hope is better.

I do know that Newcastle United one of the few other clubs the world over which can claim to be ‘more than a club’. I will agree to Barcelona, and Mohun Bagan. Newcastle, similarly, is a part of local / community pride, and is really a Geordie symbol just like Barcelona is Catalan.

John Nicholson (from oop north himself) puts it better than most:

Now is not the time for faint hearts, the time for the whining and whinging and bitching to stop has come. It’s no use just hoping something better will come along and make everything alright. It’s time to take NUFC, a quintessential ‘people’s club’, to the bosom of those who love and understand it best. A peoples’ revolution to over-throw the regimes which seek only to profit financially from the club or who want to use it as a play-thing or as a place to do their corporate business deals.

Click here for the entire article, on F365.

And here is the site for Save Newcastle United- click here. So if you feel you can do something, please go ahead.

I can tell you this much, if a similar fate befalls Mohun Bagan, I will chip in. with quite a bit of what I have got.


2 thoughts on “Save Newcastle United

  1. I fail to see how ownership changes the ‘Geordie’ roots of the club. Man U is no less a Manchester club after the Americans bought it. Besides, teams (especially in the BPL) can hardly claim to be local anymore.

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