The Baggy Green Selection Policy and Cristiano Ronaldo’s cousin

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Then this comment:

Maybe it’s all about selection policies. AB and Steyn were throw into the top end with little experience… their talent was backed to the hilt. Ditto Ishant Sharma and ages ago, Zaheer Khan and Harbhajan Singh for India. But Australian selectors are so determined to have their players to have proven their mettle, that they wait and wait and wait on their best young players. When Symonds was not able to tour India, that was the best time to ground a talented youngster with little experience in Moises Henriques. an even better time is the next test.. a dead rubber. But they choose a limited but experienced guy instead…
On the other hand, we have had a bucketload of over-aggressive sledgers under the baggy green cap, does the cricketing world really need a preening prima-donna in Cristiano Ronaldo’s old neighbor in Madeira (as Henriques is).


3 thoughts on “The Baggy Green Selection Policy and Cristiano Ronaldo’s cousin

  1. Cant really blame the selectors. Australia had a class bunch of players whom u could never even think of replacing. So, it’s kind of difficult to blood new players. I think in this series, the batting collectively went out of form. I do think there are other good players whom they are neglecting. Like Nathan Bracken. I wonder where Brad Williams disappeared

  2. I dont think there’s a problem with the system. It’s just that Australia had some of the greatest players playing together at the same time. Waugh, Ponting, Warne, McGrath, Gilchrist, Hayden that there just wasnt room for anyone else. You can make that out from the fact that Michael Hussey made his debut after the age of 30.

    This situation is bound to happen, you cant help it. You’ll have a whole generation of players who would have got demoralized over not being selected even after great domestic performances.

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