The Rushmore Part 1 (Cricket)

Grace, Bradman, Sobers, Warne

Grace – Because without the straight bat, cricket would have been baseball.

Bradman – because he played cricket.

Sobers – The best cricketer of all time.

Warne – Is the most charismatic superstar I have seen, and the most Rushmore-able cricketer of the post-Sobers era.


2 thoughts on “The Rushmore Part 1 (Cricket)

  1. Interesting 🙂

    I would have probably put Bradman (consistency), Barry Richards (for being the forgotten legend, if there is such a term), Hadlee (the Atlas of the Antipodes) and Walsh (maybe I’m being loony, but he deserves because of his refusal to Mankad Saleem Jaffar-a true reflection of sport being bigger than winning or losing)

  2. There are more forgotten legends, dude. Clive Rice’s was the cruellest blow…. he was the best of the allrounders in the ‘decade of the allrounders’… and he never played a test.

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