IPL starts

And I am a lot more interested in what happens, this year.

Great chance for Bangalore to do well. And my second team, Kolkata… does not cease to amuse and entertain…


6 thoughts on “IPL starts

  1. Kolkata your second team, really?
    Anyway, here’s to the Royal Challengers. My second team are the Deccan Chargers, ’cause somebody’s got to root for them!

    Btw, do note the changed URL of my blog, in case you plan to visit sometime..

  2. And c’mon, what’s surprising about Kolkata being my second favourite team? I have stayed there for three years, and my parents still live there. Moreover it’s the team my wife supports, and one does not want cricket to lead to domestic disturbances, right? I also have a soft corner for Delhi, I stayed there for a while, and LOVE the city. If neither Bangalore nor Kolkata reach the finals (a distinct possibility), and if Delhi does (which is possible too), I will indeed root for Delhi.

  3. Well said. Share the sentiments on Delhi too.

    But what I actually meant was, I’m surprised that Kolkata isn’t your first favourite team 🙂 Nice to know Bangalore has won you over!

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