And of course everyone has a opinion.

Please do note this piece by Bobili Vijay Kumar (click here) in the Times of India. It says pretty much everything about my view on this subject.

I would vehemently say that cheating is wrong and every self-respecting woman should leave her husband if he cheats. However, not the self respecting gold-digger. And the ones who fall onto a celebrity for either the sue-money or the 15 seconds of fame. Yes he is famous, yes he has the money, and yes he is desperate for some company (and maybe some sex). but taking advantage of somebody’s desperation … that’ wrong, no?

However, Accenture is right in rescinding Tiger’s contract, and stopping their sponsorship of Tiger.  This is what I mentioned on an ex-senior-colleague’s blog.

Well, as an ex-employee (and otherwise) I would say that’s warrented. If you are sponsoring, thereby showing someone off as your spokesperson so as to say, you would expect an absolutely clean image to go with champion performance (and mind you, before this recent revelation, Tiger was almost too good to be true….. Sachin-esque, with worldwide scale and scope).

It’s Accenture’s money, not Tiger’s. Whatever Accenture’s past might have been ***, it is solely Accenture’s decision how it wants itself to be perceived. and if it is that of a group that does not support infidelity or dishonesty in its spokesperson’s personal life, then right or wrong, that’s Accenture’s choice.


*** Accenture (the business consultancy organization, which now also does Technology and Outsourcing) was formed, as a separate business entity from the Tax and Audit consultants Arthur Andersen, a few good years before (as opposed to after) the Enron controversy. The name change was because the consultant organization could not be called Andersen Consulting (as it was originally called as part of Arthur Andersen) due to copyrights on the Andersen name. Enron happened with Arthur Andersen, the Tax and Audit organization which had been a separate legal entity from Accenture for a while before the incident. Implicating Accenture of Arthur Andersen’s crimes is the same as hanging a man because his cousin is a murderer.


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