Jaxx view 1 – Owen


…This is the second time I am writing something similar, so sorry there. But this is for Dave (no I have nothing better to do…)

Many ManUnited fans (and others too) tend to mention that they would like Owen in the World Cup because they will ‘back him to score against Brazil in the last minute’ (and not, say, Defoe). That reminds me that an injury-ravaged, slowed down old goal-poacher (indeed, arguably the best goal-poacher the world seen in the last 10-20 years, possibly ever) is banging them in for fun at Corinthians in Brazil (something Owen isn’t doing, incidentally; not yet at least)…And he does not have a whiff of a chance for a place in the World Cup for Brazil.

Lesson – Form and fitness over luck. So many makeshifts fitted into the team, just to ensure the last-minute thing against Brazil? Think of it, you have Argentina in the second round, and Messi is running at Barry/ Lescott…You can lose it all there. And carrying Owen to the finals for that last-minute miracle might come up three rounds short.

Jaxx [{()}] B


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