Jaxx view 2 – South Africa


…This is for Nigel, London . If I play a pedant, I will agree that Hull might be safer than Soweto. But is the parameter for hosting the WC that the country will have to be as safe as the UK? You will be left with only a handful of countries. Europe. US and Canada maybe, and a handful of countries in Asia. That’s that. Let’s see – One of the best world cups ever has been the one in Mexico ’70, and I cannot believe that Mexico in ’70 (why, even ’86) was more safe than South Africa in 2010, in terms of violent crimes as a ratio of population density. Similarly the Indian sub-continent and the cricket world cups and similar events. They do a good job, don’t they? And South Africa is a reasonably rich country, they should have enough money to ensure complete security.

Oh, and John Nich’s article is a must read to address this kind of sentiment.

Jaxx {[()]} B


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