The Solution? This…

Football is in the firm grip of spivs and miscreants acting as agents without any accountability whatsoever. Get rid of them and get real professionals: lawyers, accountants, etc to act as agents if we must have them. Afterall, these are the same who oversee corporate mergers and acquisitions as well as individual mortgages etc.

In time, put a more professional code of conduct in place for clubs that would treat player and staff contracts as any other; worth every mm of the paper they are written on.

I think it is diabolical that a club like Bolton, one of those I would advocate the introduction of the American sports draft system for their benefit, that such a club could come out and declare with impunity that the only manager on their short list was Owen Coyle who already had a contract with Burnley! And what did Burnley do in return, try to poach O’Driscoll from Doncaster. Prey on the nearest most vulnerable like real life food chains!

The whole system is very dodgy with the only exception of the innocent poor fans without whom there really isn’t an industry at all.

From ny1703, a commentator at the Guardian


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