Question: With RVP a regular injury worry, wasn’t it ideal that Arsenal had Adebayor in its ranks still?

Answer:Arsenal, one would agree, would have been better served for the last month or so with Adebayor, but one would agree that Arsenal would not have had the form they were in during the first part of the season without the 4-3-3, in which Adebayor does not work (or rather in Arsenal’s 4-3-3 with a creative midfielder, unlike the Man City one, with the primary creative source a withdrawn striker). And could you have kept Adebayor on the bench for the season?
And RVP is not always injured in the way Dean Ashton was always injured or Darren Anderton was, or even Eduardo… of course that is unless one suggests he has a tendency of breaking his foot. he has had horrible luck with injuries, something that can certainly change. It wasn’t a hamstring or a ligament or something. He’s never had recurring injuries.

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