Mukesh Ambani and Liverpool

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Mukesh Ambani is one smart, smart man. And a proper businessman above everything else.

Owning an IPL team (and he indeed owns Mumbai Indians, the costliest of them all – with Sachin, Jayasuriya, Duminy etc) makes sense because much of the ad revenue goes directly to the owners; plus the Reliance guys have historically have had great clout with the who’s who of India… and owning the biggest IPL team is a major positive in that regard.

What does owning Liverpool give him? Nothing. Can he make money out of Liverpool? He cannot through running the club, the money will have to be ploughed back to the club. Through the eventual sale? Naah, I don’t think Ambani will think that turning around the club and reaping a profit by sale would be worth it because a) the day-to-day hassle would be immense; and b) The glory day of club buy-and-sell is gone. It is not a regulated market like the American sports. The prices will just keep on rising…

Mukesh Ambani isn’t a football buff like Abramovich, so the club will not be a millionaire’s plaything. The Ambanis are not Russian Oligarchs. They are businessmen. And thus, owning a football club does not make financial sense to him at all.

Unfounded rumour, IMHO. False.

Subrata Roy Sahara, however, I am not so sure about.

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