Why neutrals should support Arsenal – John Nicholson on F365

Interesting post by Johnny Nich (click here).

However, I disagree with one point.

As I say, some think Arsenal’s football is sublime. Others find it too fussy and lightweight, seeing it as the ultimate expression of the middle-classifying of the game, stripping away the traditional blokey working-class physicality, replacing it with a more cerebral, intelligent football ballet performed by metro-sexual boys.

There is a working-class in other parts of the world too. Maradona came from there. Pele came from there. Rooney came from there. Scholes came from there. However, Lampard did not. Vialli did not. Kaka did not. Broad brushstrokes do not define the world.

And cerebral football is not a middle class virtue. It is a proper footballing virtue. Physicality, like cerebral, intelligent football, is a footballing virtue, not a working class virtue. And brutality is not a virtue, it is a blot on the game.

And if you go to the football to watch a broken leg or a busted head, please go watch the WWE.

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