Slumdog Millionaire

This was on sms, and not a word-to-word, more like a thought-to-thought :

Friend: WTF ! Fab gone for the season. Billy G gone for the season. Arshavin gone…. what pathetic luck we are having.
Me: I just know Arsenal will win something this season.
Friend: Yes sure, all that we can do is hope.
Me: No dude, believe me, it is destiny. Arsenal win win something this time. It is destiny. It is Slumdog.
Friend: You have gone mad. Next, you will tell me that Dada and KKR win win the IPL.
Me: They will ! Or at least reach the final. Last time, it was Laxman vs Kumble-Dravid. This time it will be Sachin vs Dada.
Friend: What the hell have you been smoking? Are you alright?


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