The Rushmore 2 – Bengal Ranji cricketers

The Rushmore of Bengal Ranji cricketers.

Nirmal Chatterjee ; Pankaj Roy ; Arun Lal ; Sourav Ganguly.

Nirmal Chatterjee – The first great Bengal cricketer.

Pankaj Roy – He was not the alu-bhatey bengal cricketer. A warrior and a bhadralok.

Arun Lal – Brought up in Delhi, Arun Lal brought the cussed determination of his land of origin into Bengal cricket, and ushered the best days for Bengal in Ranji trophy cricket. He was no favourite of Sunny’s, and was too entrenched in Bengal to be a part of the Delhi brigade. Thus he did not play much test cricket in the lobbying, lobbyist late-80’s Indian cricket. He certainly could have, and should have. Bengali? Arun Lal is more bengali than I am.

Sourav Ganguly – Sourav arrived. And football at last became Bengal’s second sport.


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