Portsmouth 2-0 Tottenham

May this one be for Avram Grant, a decent, humane man in a game that has few of those these days. And an excellent, excellent coach, and who will only get the respect his skills deserve, Roy Hodgson style, way past the due date. In a world fascinated by the Mourinhos and the ‘arry Redknapps, Grant and Hodgson are wonderful throwbacks. And yes, indeed. Yesterday’s game, and days like these are the reason why we love this game.

Check this out from Kevin-Prince Boateng, from the Guardian (click here)

Boateng had been sidelined with an ankle injury since early February and he saluted his manager, Avram Grant, for providing him with the inspiration to get through the 120 minutes of play after more than two months out of action.

“I have no idea how I managed to get through today,” Boateng admitted. “I think I just had the confidence in my head because the gaffer was behind me. He told me I could do it.

“He asked me if I was OK after 90 minutes and I said I was, so he replied: ‘OK, now I want to see you do more.’ That’s what he’s like. He always wants to see more and that’s what made me believe I could make it.”

Here’s to Avram Grant, a proper football man.


One thought on “Portsmouth 2-0 Tottenham

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