Notice: Wladimir Klitschko vs David Haye has to happen now.

And please note all of you who think Haye would get slaughtered by Wlad, it might not be so. Wlad is a better boxer, has probably the best defence of recent boxers, but with Wlad, Haye has a shot. A tiny one, but a shot nevertheless. Vitali on the other hand would have given Haye no chance.

And if you ask me to predict, it has to be Wlad. On points. In a fine, competitive match.

And while on boxing, here’s an article one one of the three best boxing bouts I have seen. Marvin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns. And unbelievably, this finished in three rounds. Read about it on the Daily Mail (here).


9 thoughts on “Notice: Wladimir Klitschko vs David Haye has to happen now.

  1. Absolute nonsense, Wlad is a much better boxer than Vitali and Haye would give either of them a great fight. He has the power to knock them both out and its proven before that Haye can shock the world time and time agin with his power.
    The Klitschko brothers have both been hurt and knocked down, a great example was Brewster who shook Wlad right down to his toes on severall occassions. Haye wobbled Valuev which has never been done before and knocked Ruiz down on 4 occassions so how the hell can you think he will lose and be so confident about it!?

    What a silly thing to say!

  2. Okay let me try to explain. No emotions, only hard logic.

    Just like Wlad and Vitali, Haye is an outside boxer, he does not fight best coming in. Haye is quick, and has got power.
    Haye will and should get a few shots on both Klitschkos, however invariably they are technically much superior (maybe Wlad slightly better than Vitali, but Vitali is real unorthodox, Wlad not that much so), and Haye wil not have many chances.

    Against Wlad, Haye has got a little chance because wlad has got a suspect chin. Remember Corrie Sanders? Brewster is not such a good example. He won, yes, but check the Wlad of today vs the Wlad of 2004, Wlad has improved his defence a heck of a lot. That happened when he had just got Emmanuel Steward, Steward has improved him a lot now. But you cannot improve a chin, no? And Wlad is more of a defense defense jab jab kinda fighter than Vitali. Haye can get lucky with a good shot, and he will have a little more time because Wlad will not attack so much. Vitali will attack much more, if one of the Arreola one-two combinations land on Haye, he will be down. Haye does not have anything near Arreola’s chin.

    Because both the brothers have impeccable defence, Haye will have few good shots (a few more with wlad than with Vitali, because Vitali will finish it off much quicker). And with those few shots, he can only hurt Wlad, not Vitali. Vitali has got a better chin. Lennox Lewis, a far better fighter than Haye will ever be (a better fighter than the Klitschko brothers as well, I wager), had a fight in his hand with Vitali. And as an outside fighter, you only have a shot against Vitali if you have real size.
    Which Lennox had. Haye is big, but Vitali has got what, five inches over Haye?

    And Valuev is like a bear. Slow, slow, slow
    . not much in the technique stakes. Haye was way too fast for Valuev. Ruiz is finished. what was his record for the last 4 years before this fight with haye?

    I am favouring Wlad for the fight. But yes, Haye has a shot. And I maintain, he would not have had a shot with Vitali.

  3. I strongly believe haye got a chance to knock wlad whom is in a hurry to lose his title.I have boxer under me i can sell to the world to beat vitali,he is from africa.

  4. what are you dreaming about, your little david gay just pussied out. With his “injury” maybe his middle finger is broken? heh. Vitali fucked your afrika sideways 10 times in a row. Its not even interesting. And please, call your pussy haye to come and fight like a man. We’ve been waiting for this fight for ages..

  5. Vitali is holding few belts, not one like david gay. The only one left to capture is in gays hands. Till he gets knocked the fuck out. haha

  6. Vitaly has never been knocked down !
    I think the only boxer in history to have never been knocked down in his profesional career !
    He has lost fights, obviously for stupid decisions, i think both injuries which he had to pull out of the fight from, but Never been knocked down !
    He took Cory Sanders punches straight in the face, and stood straight up !
    Probably could beat anyone, from Ali to Tyson and the rest (they were smaller than him, and definetly not smart enough ) !!!

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