Depor’s footballing identity

From this article from the Guardian (which incidentally starts with an awesome writeup on the awesome Getafe – Sevilla match. But this bit is funnier !

Valencia and Deportivo de La Coruña and Valencia (sic.) met on Saturday night – the only two clubs to have stopped Madrid and Barceloina winning every single league title for the last 25 years. And it was utterly, utterly, utterly awful, Valencia winning with Villa’s 15th consecutive successful penalty. Sadly, they’re only going to get worse too. Valencia are already €550m in debt, 24 points off the top and in the summer they’ll have to sell their best players; Depor have already sold what they can, which isn’t much, and are in financial crisis. Maybe it’s not just momentary satisfaction you get for chasing Madrid and Barcelona; maybe the other thing you get is screwed. Still, you have to admire Depor’s commitment to their footballing identity. They never, ever compromise on their style. Even when they’re losing they defend.

Hehe. Bebeto / Makaay fan however.


2 thoughts on “Depor’s footballing identity

  1. Imagine what happens when Valencia finally get stripped and Sevilla’s golden run of unearthing little known players finally comes to a halt.

    Will become like the SPL with Rangers and Celtic

  2. @Acommonfan – That has always been the case. Historically Barca and Real have been the only two big clubs. And other clubs have had runs… Like Depor with Bebeto and later with Makaay. Atleti are like Tottenham… And then Valencia, and earlier Bilbao. Sevilla. Someone else will come in when Valencia goes bust, I suppose.
    Same with most of the othe major eages too… dominated by 2-3 major clubs. Italy is some kind of an exception, I suppose.

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