Greatest night in their history?

Roy Hodgson.

It’s moments like these, events like these that reconfirm my faith in the beautiful game.

Also, please do note, folks, that the game Hodgson’s Fulham play is the real English-style football. Tough, organized, industrious, but not cynical. Please do note, that Tony Pulis’ Stoke does not represent British football, Stoke does not represent football at all. The British football that I admire, the British football that I grew up admiring, is precisely the football Hodgson’s Fulham play.
It’s not the most skillful, but it, more often than not is indeed great to watch for a football connoisseur. Organized, disciplined, quick-passing, passionate, tough, hard-working, holding-its-shape football…. this is the football I was taught to play by the Irish and Goanese missionary-teachers at my old school. This is the football I understand the most. I might prefer the La Liga and its profusion of skills, but real British football is equally admirable.

And well, Fulham’s been having ‘greatest nights in their history’ for a while now. What are the chances of one more?


2 thoughts on “Greatest night in their history?

  1. Think they have a better chance against Athletico than they would have had against Liverpool. And I really hope that the title goes to Craven Cottage. Hodgson should have some serious suitors if that happens.

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