I am trying to get myself interested in the World Cup T20.

But naah, not working out. I flip from T20 to Travel and Living or some news channel all the while, and if the football is on, I don’t even care.

Am I not a huge fan of T20? Absolutely, I’m not. Why? Because if the standards are not, say, Australia / Bangladesh, 20 overs are not enough to distinguish between a good team and a slightly worse one, and after that it is all about freak individual incidents determining the fate of a match, even a tournament.

An equivalent? A football match where the 45 minute halves are not played, and all that you have are the two extra times and then the shootout. One mistake could determine the match, with no chances of a comeback. One great move can. One bad decision by the manager can. One bad decision by the referee can. An incident like ‘That night in Istanbul‘ will never happen in this version of football, neither Anfield 1989.

But I was not this indifferent about IPL. I wasn’t. Why?

Because there were real personal stories. The Warne story. The Kumble story. The Dada story. The Sachin story. The Vijay and Ashwin stories. The Kallis story. The Rayudu story. The Dhoni story. The Manoj Tiwary story. You could see the stories unfold and unravel as the IPL progressed. And of course, the Tharoor story and the Modi story.

Even the World team trophy had stories. The T&T story was fascinating to say the least.

And in the World Cup T20, there is little story. Thus, it’s only about the game. And the game isn’t …. isn’t as story-worthy, standalone. Just in my opinion.


4 thoughts on “Interested?

  1. Also, because, if you play the T-20 version of football enough number of times ( like they do in a league), the grain will still separate from the chaff. And that is why the IPL should have best of 3 matches in the knock-out stages.

  2. Yeah, possibly. But well, football is a passing game, and the 15-minute a side thing will always be a problem for passing, creative teams like Barcelona, Arsenal and Man United.
    As in, a fast, direct team like Aston Villa, will be much higher up the table than a passing side like Spurs, because the Stokes of the world can just block the passers off for 15 minutes, but not for two stretches of 45 minutes …. Building an attacking, passing momentum, just like building an innings, takes time.

  3. BTW, completely agree with the best-of-three concept. as in, it is obvious. There is no correlation between the winners of the league and the final winners…. DD deserved IPL2, just like MI deserver IPL3

  4. You are probably right…but I still feel that good football teams will sooner or later figure out a way – just like good batsmen and bowlers have slowly started to master the T-20 format. Would be fun watching though

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