World Cup starts – FRA vs URU @Spinstripe

I’d suggest read from the reverse please, folks. This is from my tweets @Spinstripe

That’s that, ladies & gentlemen. Till tomorrow. #worldcup

0-0. Fair enough, I suppose.

That’s what Diaby can do. He’s diabolical most often, but he can do this & draw foul. Absolute velcro touch and close control #worldcup

That’s what Diaby can do. He’s diabolical most often, but he can do this & draw a foul. Absolute velcro touch and close control#worldcup

Not given of course. Some corner, throw etc happen to no avail#worldcup

Not given of course. #worldcup

Titi claims a handball. Guess what the commentators say?#worldcup

Lots of buzzing around the URU pen box. nothing happens. 0-0 surely. #worldcup

Gignac in. Now we’ll see some proper 4-3-3. Gignac no9, with Ribery & Titi supporting. #worldcup

FTM, why do #Arsenal players get so many flying tackles against them? Sagna here. #worldcup

Lodeiro… That wasn’t long. Reminds me of Marco Etcheverry at ’94 (was it?) #worldcup

@sidvee Even Greece can. Even Germany can. France cannot though. FTM Italy scored every match, won only one through pens in ’06 #worldcup

sidvee +Germany RT @bigfatphoenix France has no hope. Only Italy can win a world cup despite being largely rubbish.

Libbit of comedy defending at URU penalty box. Nothing happens. Titi’s still not warmed up. #worldcup

And Gourcuff’s has done the corner-flag threatening for the day. Malouda comes in. #worldcup

Suarez gone. Abreu in. Gourcuff threatens the corner flag.#worldcup

Oiiiiii that was a sitter. Forlan misses. Created by Suarez.#worldcup

Le Sulk off, Titi in. And is greeted by the handball reference. Charming, English commentary. #worldcup

Le Sulk off, Titi in. And is greeted by the handball reference. Charming, is English commentary. #worldcup

Let’s have a punchup, Jeremy. #worldcup

Ah, ah, now now now… heating up… #worldcup

@SpiceBoxofEarth BTW, on your comment. “Any coach who thinks……” reminds me, it’s Dommenech after all.

SpiceBoxofEarth @Spinstripe Of course, Domenech is the genius who couldn’t find a place for Samir Nasri. So much for bloody Gallic flair.33 minutes ago

And Evra should remember he is not playing for ManU here. These fouls WILL be given now. No Fergie / ENG referees #worldcup

@SpiceBoxofEarth Toulalan is known 2b not-so-good without another defensive-ish midfielder. Ideally LassD (who’s crocked). Thus, Diabolical

SpiceBoxofEarth @Spinstripe Valbuena’s a wonderfully creative player. And play Cisse. His finishing may be erratic, but he’s quick enough to harry defenders

@SpiceBoxofEarth Agree about Govou. Just that they have got no other right winger. Time for li’l Valbuena? #worldcup

SpiceBoxofEarth Also, if Sidney Govou is the second-best forward in France, then they have real issues. He was never top-drawer.

URU first yellow at less than the hour mark. Victorino even got the ball #worldcup

SpiceBoxofEarth @Spinstripe The formation should be fluid so that your best players play. Diaby can barely pass the ball 10 yards. He’s awful.

@SpiceBoxofEarth about Diaby/Malouda. Wrong. Different positions/different tasks. If FRA gets Gignac for Anelka, then yes. Else no.#worldcup

SpiceBoxofEarth Any coach who thinks Diaby is better than Malouda is clearly either an imbecile, or on some mind-altering substances. #worldcup

Naah, Gourcuff will not work for my team, #arsenal. He took a shot at goal (a rasping drive at that) from outside the penalty box#worldcup

Gallas seems to be crocked. Just like he always is, for #arsenal.#worldcup

Forlan’s a little bit special, no? #worldcup

Lugano tries a Dario. Not to be. #worldcup

Are these Vuvuzelas? Thy sound like there’s a wasp buzzing around my ears. #worldcup #vuvuzela

Top two were/are Argentines though #worldcup

And the third best dribbler of all time that I have seen, was an Uruguayan. And his name was Enzo Francescoli. #worldcup

And here come the stereotypes. Uruguay = Thugs. Needn’t be.#worldcup

Uruguay flag has a sun, just like Argentina flag. #worldcup

Raw power of Rooney okay. Creativity of Lampard willy-nilly. Composure of Terry???? What? redo the ad. Fighting Spirit of terry? #worldcup

BTW, I will put up this series of tweets on my blog too.

Let’s tell you. Mr sneeze, Gourcuff might win France Brazil 2014#worldcup

Thumbs-up to Shakira’s Waka-waka… She has this delightful south-american spanish accent when speaking in English.#worldcup

Getting a little tired of Sharman in the #Airtel ads. Never felt it with Irrfan and #hutch #vodafone

Heard pre-match on ESPN: Dykes: Shebby do u think Forlan&Suarez can be stopped by French CBs? ShebbySingh No, John. #worldcup

I mean the false 9 structure is not robust with Govou and Ribery along with Anelka. Anelka has the skill sets for false 9 though#worldcup

Anelka cannot play lone forward. Not strong enough for Drogba role. And he can be false 9, but not Govou+ribery. #worldcup

Will post this on blog later #worldcup

Will post this on blog later.

Let’s do Uruguay-France. First half almost over BTW.

1. Mexico vs SA was a good match, from the highlights. Did you see the SA goal?

@prempanicker Listen carefully, Prem. What you think is sneeze, is actually Gourcuff. Not oohlala, its Toulalan, another guy. U missd these.

Folks, i am planning to provide some entertainment to you by providing commentary to the world cup.

Any good? Like / dislike? Comments? Meet me @twitter and share your thoughts. Or here.


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