WC10 @Spinstripe – snippets

Does whiskey (and cheap Rs700/- a bottle ones) increase ones humour levels? You might have seen these on my tweet stream already, but I will nonetheless put them here so I can admire them later. Self-glorification, thy name is Godof86.

The answer to the ‘why tweet’ question; or even to the ‘why tweet now’ question:

Blessed are the ones who type without looking at the keyboard, for they shall tweet the #worldcup

On Raymond Domenech:

@acommonfan Zizou, Titi, Ribery, Desailley, Thuram, Trez on one side of the balance, Domenech on the other. He balances out the genius.

Pre-game commentary on stereotypes: This one’s on Argentina:

#arg stereotype-skilful Fds cynical defs. messi can win it on his own. Diego can lose it on his own. correctness-100% #worldcup

The Iconic World cup song:

Awesome! Futt-ball eej awar laaiph.. #worldcup RT @roshnimo @Spinstripe Here, your icon sings the world cup anthem

Interruption before the Korea Greece match:

Raining. #Tatasky not working. Don’t the rain gods know there’s a #worldcup going on?

Footballing names, and their pronunciations:

#gre names ending in -as are pronounced -aas, not -ass, pl confirm, knowledgeable ones. Gekas sounds like geek-ass. Not, right? #worldcup

Greece’s football in the first match:

@SpiceBoxofEarth More than anti-football (which involves time wasting and tough snide defending), it’s no-football by #gre .

#gre has, as of now, rolled over and allowed itself to be tickled #worldcup

Argentina vs Nigeria. Chinedu Obasi, and his bollocks, and Jonas Gutierrez:

Chinedu Obasi gets it on his nuts now. or at least acts as is he does. Wasn’t touched, as the replays show #nga #worldcup

5 minutes later:

Jonas’ love affair with Obasi’s nuts continues. And he’s shown a yellow for that now. #arg #worldcup

On Diego:

Oh Diego you loon! We’ve missed you. we’ve missed you lots! Welcome back, god. #arg #maradona #worldcup

Acomonfan mentions that Lars Lagerback (the Swede NGA coach) seems almost uncommonly happy. He must have received his paycheque. Response:

@acommonfan On Lars Lagerback – Or probably they told him that he is to pay $50 into a bank account, when they will pay him the full amount.

Veron Subed after a poor game. Maxi comes in.

Thanks, El Brujita, but the game has passed you by. Hi Maxi. #arg #worldcup

A visual appreciation of the ARG defence line:

Doesn’t Martin Demichelis look like a porn star? and Walter Samuel like an extra in a gangster movie #arg #worldcup

An appreciation of Jamie Carragher:

Carra is a walking red card. #eng #usa #beatengland #worldcup


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