Six months of the Arsenal Fanshare

And here’s how it is going: via Matt Slater at the BBC Football Blog.

…. It has been done with the full support of the club’s board – and even the major shareholders not on the board. AST has been able to convince everybody that a bigger say for “real fans” does not mean a storming of the barricades.

It is this attitude that has attracted praise for Arsenal and its Fanshare from interested onlookers, such as the Sports Minister Hugh Robertson and Uefa chief Michel Platini.

It is also why MPs sitting on the parliamentary select committee hearings into football governance went to the Emirates last week for their first fact-finding mission.

They met AST representatives, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and chief executive Ivan Gazidis, wanting to know how other teams could replicate this consensual approach – no easy task when so many club boards seem to be at war with their fans.

I haven’t checked. Are we, as foreign nationals, allowed to buy Fanshares? If yes, I would certainly like to buy a few. Would I have enough stakes to turn the tide – if at any point in time in the future a tide needs to be turned*? Not really, I don’t see a Barca-like thing happening. But will I have a voice, a say? Yes I will.

* May I pass some kudos in the direction of Ivan Gazidis? Superb work behind the scenes… for a while now.


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