Blossom 3/12 Leaving Bangalore

What better way to bid adieu to Bangalore than through a sudden, rushed book trip to Blossom?

And how better to do it than buying the ones you want for free?

Being multi-bookshelved has its disadvantages; multiple friends, acquaintances, roommates and even an ex-girlfriend had deigned my house a dumping ground for books they cannot carry with them to every new city and new country they relocate to….. What if I cannot carry them along with me to the new city I am relocating to? I am sure they would not need the books anymore- not now, after between three to seven years; not now that their need for those book have surely finished; and especially that I have never had need for those books in any way.

So off went books on Digital Signal Processing; on Graphic Designing and on Java; off went Freud, and Jung, and Foucault; Off went Martin Cruz Smith and Erich Segal; and Kafka and Kahlil Gibran and Eco and Barnes (let them go, rather a good philistine that a poor highbrow) …… and those glossy books on photography and movie-making and creative writing and fitness and even learning Spanish (that’s one I could have kept, but I really do have my own).

These were the carcasses of the whims and fancies of the early-to-mid-twenties of a lot of people who inhabited my life during my own whimsical and fanciful early-to-mid twenties.
They have moved on with their lives. And so indeed have I.

Blossom book stores, Church Street, Bangalore. I sold most, the others, which they refused to buy, were given off to be disposed.

And the following were bought, in order.

My Spin on Cricket – Richie Benaud
Playing the Moldovans at Tennis – Tony Hawks
(I did buy it at last, Suhas)
Open – Andre Agassi
What I love about Cricket – Sandy Balfour
Chinaman: The legend of Pradeep Mathew – Shehan Karunatilaka

and I still had a few hundred rupees left in gift vouchers, which were dutifully gifted to the wife.

Bangalore will not be missed so much as re-visited often. It IS my city, my home. Each book was signed ‘Blossom 3/12/11 Leaving Bangalore’. It didn’t break my heart writing it. It really didn’t.


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