DD’s Khel Ka Superstar ’10

Did I tell you I was on the Khel ka Superstar quiz on Doordarshan, ’10? I lost in the semifinals.

Is it because the quiz itself was not too good (lots of mug questions, as we call them; Multiple choices – the bane of serious quizzers.. which I once was, and still do love the art and science of quizzing; and the choices being no-brainers at times, and absolute weird ones at other times), that it does not stay in the mind for long if compared to the University Challenge quiz, which was really an amazing, amazing event… still vivid in the mind after all the years.

Probably it was soon after the UC’03 that I lost that urge for quizzing. I remained interested for a while more, but the passion for the sport of quizzing was pretty much gone post that. I still quiz, very occasionally. But quizzing does not play much of a part in my life anymore.

So yes. Semi-retired quizzer. That’s me.


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