Fantasy Premier League – Top 100,000 (selecting a team 2/3 – MD and FW)

Q1: You know what? You are fairly good. I am doing much better this season, taking in your tips. Now tell me about strikers. And Midfielders.

A1: Okay, here you go. You listening? I will rush through. If you did not get anything, or have a question, you have the comments section. Use it.

Midfielders + Forwards:

Think of them as just the same. They are the ones who get the big points.

Caveat 1. A top assist making midfielder from a good team is equivalent to a top goalscoring forward, i.e. effectively Silva of 2011-12 is as good as Rooney 11-12. Just that Rooney is more costly, and Silva lost his form late season.
Caveat 2: The best forwards – who have the potential to score 2+ goals a week, are better than the Caveat 1 players.
Caveat 3: The top goalscoring midfielders (who have the potential to score 2+ goals a week) are Fantasy Football gold.
Caveat 4: Don’t buy defensive midfielders. Makalele, great as he was, was never an FPL stalwart. No goals, no assists, occasional bonus points, and some red and yellow cards…. Al at about 6M, while you could be ensured more steady returns even from JD2P.
So. Choose 6 of the 8 players now.

4 should be among the ‘very expensive’ bracket, these will be your choice of captains. 2 are cheap as chips.These are your enablers. The only think you have to note about the chips, are that they have regular 90 min game time. Thus the 4.5M irregular starter from Man United is far worse as a Fantasy Football pick  than the 4.5 starter from Wigan. Play-time for these enablers is important because there will be injuries during the FPL season, and when one of your first-teamers is not playing due to injury or rotation, you would like ‘John Doe 2 points (JD2P)’ to come in, rather than 17 year old Arsenal hotshot, who sat in the bench that GW.

Expensive ones will cost at the range of 10M each. Cheap ones will cost 4.5+4.5=9M

So you have got 12 players now. Costing 11+20+40+9 = 80M

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