Sing when you’re winning….

This comes from a comment on the Guardian website on the match between my team, Arsenal, and Man City.

A famous line of banter especially thrown against nouveau-riche clubs like Man City, is “Where were you when you were shit”.. because many of the fans of Man City and Chelsea and the ilk have been drawn in recently. The wins follow the money, always, in sport.

Here’s a rebuttal. And a fair one, I suppose.

Was disappointed to hear Arsenal fans come out with the pathetic “where were you when you were sh**t?” chant. Why are so many away fans who come to the Etihad so ignorant?

The one thing you can never accuse City fans of is being fair weather fans. Almost 30k a game in the 3rd division, huge away support at York, Grimsby, Gillingham, Wrexham etc, as bad as it got the fans never deserted them. First season at the Etihad 2003-04 average attendance 46,834. Pearce drove it down to 40,000 with his infamous 10 goals in 19 home games season but every other season its been above 42,000. There are few if any more loyal fans in the country so please stop this ridiculous chant that only highlights your ignorance.

Here’s as an Arsenal fan. Cheers.




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