Football // Soccer

The perennial debate! This time in Australia. The answer, is right there on the post.

Personally, I prefer “football”, but find myself using the “soccer” in my conversations more often than not. Old habits die hard. Whether you call it “soccer”, “football”, “kicky-kicky-round-thing”, or “wogball” this is a debate that looks likely to continue.

Read. Here.

To add, this is something I’d like to go and check. I loved ‘Football / Soccer with the Enemy’, it’s one of my favourite football books. I bought it int he US, so my copy is the ‘Soccer with the Enemy’ copy. Will have to go and check – didn’t notice while I was reading, honestly.

Which cannot be said of some other books. I own an American copy of Simon Kuper’s Soccer Against the Enemy. The word “football” has been cleansed from the book, autocorrected to “soccer” by the editors.

Even when Kuper is writing about American football – as in gridiron – his words have been changed to “American soccer”, which is just downright confusing. Taking the silliness to another level, Cameroon is described as “the most successful soccering nation in Africa”, surely one of the greatest grammar crimes in sports writing ever.

Whoa! Funny.


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