ESPNCricinfo: Celebrating Rangana Herath

I like Rangana Herath’s type of cricketers. Underrated, under-feted, apparently everyday everyman cricketers, who, while you were not noticing, are quietly pulling out trees for their team and for their country.

They are anything but everyman. They are what make this sport. Read this, from ESPNCricinfo. And here’s an excerpt.

Yet, though he is the nation’s best current cricketer, he remains unmistakeably an everyman, stardom having forgotten him, or he it. There is no IPL contract padding his wallet, no major sponsors have plastered his rotund figure on the island’s billboards and, until March, he was not even in Sri Lanka Cricket’s top contracts bracket. Herath still has a day job at a Colombo bank – though it is now not much more than a series of long duty leaves. He asks for another six weeks off from the human resources department in the same bashful tone that he addresses groundstaff at the Premadasa Stadium, from whom he needs the key to a locked door.

Here’s to more of Rangana Herath and Matthew Hoggard, and less of the flashy mediocrity.


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