Stuart Broad didn’t walk. What’s the fuss?

One of the problems with the Ashes is that non cricket-lovers try to impose their theories of morality on a game which for most of the time gets on perfectly well without them.

– Perfectly well said by David Hopps in this article. Go read.

The game is going on very well, it is a superb test match, still up for grabs on the fifth day. Don’t let’s make an issue out of a complete non-issue.

My personal opinion? Players should be penalized their match fees if they walk.

Okay, I am going overboard, but I hope you get my intention. It’s not the player’s job to decide. It’s the umpire’s. Walking, in my book,  is disrespect of the greatest authority in the field. An even bigger disrespect is remonstrating against an umpiring decision.

So there.


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