Harold Larwood by Duncan Hamilton

Superb post here from the 99.94 blog — one of the best cricket blogs around; about Harold Larwood, and the award-winning book by Duncan Hamilton.



A few years ago, I fell into conversation with Pat “Percy” Pocock ex-Surrey and England spinner. He jabbed a finger at my son who was sitting behind the laptop, “Just look up George Lohmann and tell me and your dad his figures”. “18 matches, 112 wickets, average 10.75” Jesper replied, wondering if he’d read it right. “What about that?” said Percy to me, my face betraying a slight scepticism. “Sure it was a long time ago – but why wasn’t everybody else doing it?” said Percy. I could only nod in agreement.

Percy’s point holds for Harold Larwood’s performances too – nobody else did it then and few have done it since. And, as Duncan Hamilton’s idolising biography shows, that applies every bit as much to the man as to the bowler.

Larwood the bowler frightened men, hard men who had been through war and the scarcely less terrifying mines…

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