The St Valentine’s Day Massacre: Robinson vs La Motta VI, Feb 14, 1951

There was a question asked in one of the quiz forums I am part on on facebook.

So I thought I will share an youtube video of the St Valentine’s Day Massacre, the last and bloodiest (but definitely not the best **) of all their 6-match rivalry.

Here too is a writeup from the internet.

Hardly a true rivalry — some of the fights were amazing (even in grainy black-and-white), but a 5-1 record says that it wasn’t really all it was touted up to be — Ali-Frazier this was not. La Motta (as you know from the movie et al) was all about bravery, and all respect to him. But Sugar Ray was truly one of the greatest of all time. Probably THE greatest of all time.

** That would be their fifth.

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